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2011-05-28 14:34:48 wow what a story made me so hot had too get toy out and i love the remarks from everyone,, keep up the good work everyone
2011-05-28 18:04:12 I Love Dogs dammm i want too try a dog so bad, dont know anyone that has one i can use, : (
2011-05-30 20:43:24 i love this story cant wait for more of it,, and i love the remarks everyone makes in here, i dont know why we cant get a chat going with people that enjoy these stories,, keep up the great work everyone,,
2011-05-30 21:07:31 My Daughter Cindy Part # 1 very good story needs her age and dont move too fast with it ,
work it up letting us know everything,,looking forward too part 2
2011-06-02 00:13:00 wow loved the story i was first fucked when i was 8 by neighbor and it went on for years.until we moved away,never told anyone about it, i didnt want anything to happen to him,, please write more,