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2011-06-22 08:37:44 A Brother Sister Love Story "God damn it," he said, "don't you know how to format quotes?" "No, I guess I don't," he answered. "So you don't know you're supposed to put in paragraph breaks when the speaker changes?" "Nope, I guess not." "That's what I thought."
2011-09-06 05:55:51 I Did My Brother II I don't say this often on here, but that was really well written as well as hot! A few mistakes of English here and there, but nothing major, and the spirit and genuineness of the piece are just great. Congrats.
2012-06-29 07:29:56 A Game of Inches - Part Eight Based on the first few paragraphs of this:
*You use a lot of unnecessary speech tags
* You need to look up how to punctuate dialog
* You need to google "said bookisms"
2012-08-16 12:35:38 Respecting Mom >>Your story sucks and you have to cheek to criticize others. [...]

Listen, retard: I've only ever criticized two stories on this site, and both times I was pointing out specific *errors* in the writing. I've never said anything as pointless and retarded as "Your story sucks," for example.

OTOH, congratulations on using the phrase "you have the cheek," and *almost* getting it right. I'm surprised someone as stupid as you has that idiom in your vocabulary.

We now return you to our regularly scheduled program of idiotic "text me girls" comments...