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2011-06-04 14:09:07 All for Mr. Redman Chapter 6 This saga had better end in "I do" and "They bother lived happily ever after." Otherwise I'm going to round up a cute little Japanese girl to help you kick Peter's if you needed it.
2011-06-08 00:16:07 All for Mr. Redman Chapter 7 I'm still trying to learn how to navigate this site as well as offset my new "smart" phone's inherent need to change my words - such as from "both" to "bother". I am the "anonymous" reader who was grateful for your contribution to my understanding of my daughters' interracial marriages.
2011-06-17 06:19:31 Heidi, My friends Mom This is in the true section?
2011-06-25 09:22:05 All for Mr. Redman Chapter 9 So delighted to see you write again. I had checked almost every day and thought you had quit. It's also looking as though I won't have to round up that cute Japanese girl to help you. You seem to have things sell in hand.

Don't leave us. You have to finish this story
2011-07-04 01:55:50 All for Mr. Redman Chapter 11 So very very beautiful.