Comments from Danejarous

Date Story title Comment
2011-06-03 22:50:12 My sister and I Pt. 1 thx for the excellent feedback, starting part 2 right now 6/3/11, hopefully will have up later tonight or tomorrow morning
2011-06-04 09:26:41 My sister and I Pt. 2 Starting 3rd part today, 6/4/11, might be final part, but I'll see after it's written
2011-06-04 18:59:29 My sister and I Pt. 3 Starting part 4 so look out for it over the next couple hours. I am still debating whether it should be the last in this series, but I really like the storyline that I built, but I really want to start something new
2011-06-05 16:03:30 My sister and I Pt. 1 I have written a 2nd, 3rd, and 4th part, and I'm debating about a 5th
2011-06-05 18:57:55 My sister and I Pt.4 I am beginning writing on part 5 (6/5/11), I like writing these too much