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2011-06-08 12:43:30 School Rape Im not going to lie, this would be a great story if you hadn't added racist comments to it. Considering the white population still outnumbers the african american, then logically you could assume that this site has more white than black and most white people will not take kindly to this story. I hope you write a couple more stories, but turn down the racial profiling a bit.
2011-06-12 18:35:43 After reading a few of these comments and re-reading this story a few times, I realized that this doesn't fit my writing style. I will finish this series up the best I can, and go back to my principles and crank out the greatest series ever created. I am sorry if you were looking forward to seeing a long series from this story, but i do not enjoy writing mindless sex scenes. I am also sorry because I am not going to be able to continue writing for a week, because I am going to be at high school senior week and I will not have any time to write.
2011-06-17 18:47:55 I just got back home so I am hoping to wrap up this story within the next couple days (June 17, 2011). Being away for a week got me thinking about a storyline for my new series (not this one, read 2 comments down) that will have everything that a great story needs. My motto is that "I am not arrogant enough to think I can please everyone, but I am courteous enough to try".
2011-06-21 09:33:59 I read this story again and came to the conclusion that I hate everything about it. Starting with the worst title ever considered and moving on to the starting sex scene. The sex scene is mediocre and unrealistic; and now moving to the rest of the story. The details of the day to day lives of the characters suck, and are poorly thought out; now for the ending. I ended with a lazy ass cliffhanger that even a moron can figure out what will happen next. All-in-all this is the worst story I have ever written and I truly am sorry for writing it. I AM NOT WRITING A SEQUEL AND IF SOMEONE WANTS TO FINISH IT, THEN BE MY GUEST. On a side note I will begin writing a great new series that nobody has ever attempted tonight. (someone may have attempted it, but I have yet to see it)
2011-06-24 11:56:54 For the comment two spaces below this; I completely agree with you. Adding the dialogue does give a much more in-depth look at the characters. The problem is it becomes extremely time consuming to think of exactly what they are going to say. As for the moving part; I don't want give too much details, but you can safely assume that they will be there for long.

For the comment four spaces below; I can only applaud you. Those are impressive observations and I feel compelled to explain myself. I worry about what other people think because the readers are the reason I write. As for it being winter; I try to make the rest of the world mimic the mood. Finally, that lottery idea sounds more like a scapegoat if I can't think of a more elaborate plot. As for the sons job; you have a point, but the main action of this story has only covered two days and he should be back to work soon ;). Needless to say (because I mentioned this in the outro), I have big plans for this series.