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2011-06-09 02:49:43 Angel: Destroyed by Dad - parts 1 and 2 Good story. I actually like the brutality of it and the characterization of her father as an unredeemable cum stain. Just goes to show that there really are just terrible people in the world. He was just looking for an excuse to destroy his daughter and he got it. So that's what he's going to do. It's kinda hard to make a romance story with the intro being, I caught my daughter fucking my dog...somehow I don't see much romance after that. I'm glad you're writing the story this way. Any other way would be incredibly unrealistic I'd think. Thank you. BTW, I'm so gonna have to show this story to my g/f. She's gonna love it. Thx
2011-12-31 04:56:39 The man who Molested and Raped me and Stole my virginity Part 1 Here's a hint for all who complain about the content of the story...look at the list of topics covered in the story. If you don't like that kinda of stuff, you probably won't like the story. It's clearly labeled so it's your fault for reading something you knew you wouldn't like. And if you do that, please don't complain about it, it makes you sound...stupid.
2011-12-31 04:57:52 Saskia - My First anal rape Yeah paragraphs are good.
2012-01-18 00:31:57 Farm girl - part 4 (end) I loved the stories, but the tags are alittle deceptive. You should've added like extreme and violence to the tag descriptors, that would help. For me it's perfect, but after looking at the tags then reading the complaints, I can understand where they are coming from. The story doesn't deserve the ratings it has, it's actually really awesome, but I'm assuming alot of people were expecting something alot more...tame than this. For this the tags Brutal, Extreme, Violence should've been added. Other than that I wouldn't change a thing.
2012-01-19 00:15:22 Farm Girl - part 3 I think there may have been some editing errors in the story or some copying and pasting errors one. I doubt that the writer actually meant for it to end up like that.