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2011-06-27 16:26:29 All for Mr. Redman Chapter 9 Absolutely phenomenal story writer story writter and can fully see the truth in your writings. Your phrasings and twists are without any doubt some of the best I have read in all this site. Have yet to read chapter 10 but know if this story culminates it will have a twist not expected.
Keep writing and submitting
proud to sign and be known
2011-06-28 18:31:41 Yukio's Adventures - Part 2 what a fantastic introduction to Yukio. So many new scenairois to follow to fill this girls dreams, desires and fill her sexually
2011-06-30 17:06:19 The Doctor Is In jade, you constantly amaze me with the breadth and depth of your writing.
I have now finished all that you have posted to date and eagerly await more. I so easy to see the interrelation between your culture and your writing style as I have and lived with Korean ladies as friends and lovers.
Keep up the goo woork and am looking for more of your writings.
2011-12-10 23:58:06 A Family Cruise 1 This story line was artfully presented with sufficient background on the characters.
The interface of commonly known religious beliefs coupled to hedonistic habits of many folk was wonderfully stated. The prelim to the other chapters was perhaps a bit overstated.
The comments I read at the ending of this chapter #1 were so biased I don't think many seen the sides of hedonistic traits the author was showing.
I most definetly will read successive chapters.
2012-01-02 17:26:12 Mom's Kids 4 definitely a middle story with more to cum hot hot hot