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2011-12-21 02:44:10 All for Mr. Redman Chapter 11 Sweet Jade, This story was fabulous. Kept me glued to all the chapters. Since you marked it a true story, I think it's only fair that most of us would like a update between you, Peter, Matthew, Barbra, and Amanda. Did Peter learn and understand the words your father wanted him to know? How is things with Matthew? And of course Barbra and Amanda?
Again, thank you for such an erotic and fantastic story.
2013-04-23 09:30:32 Finding my way back home, Parts 5 and6 of 6 Thank you for such a fantastic story. I will be reading more of your stories. You kept my attention with not only the sex, but with the emotions. I worked for the USMC in Iraq for four and a half years and I'm also PTSD. So much hit home and head me reduced to tears but I kept reading. I'm also dealing with the love of my life dying from cancer, so I can identify with so much of your story and really feel the emotions Jon was experiencing. Thank you so very much.