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2011-06-16 02:07:35 My First Boyfriend 5 I like your story.pls write another one.7/10
2011-06-16 19:39:32 My Japanese Love Part 5 Wow a.j,u really fuck 2 pussies.i lyk eating tight hw their breast,u nid 2 suck feel their softness.i rate u positively wit a grade of 10/10.keep it up,
2011-06-16 20:23:47 My Japanese Love Part 6 Oh my,i dont this ending because of the death of amya.but it is about akira,are going to marry her? I wonder how patiently fuck akira after some day of the death of amya.i rate 9/10 make sure dat u makes akiras pussy less tight and make love 2 her,and her lovely breast
2011-06-17 16:38:09 My Japanese Love Part 7 Wow.wat an interesting series dat i ve eva read.i love a.j,i would lyk 2 no hw u will marry akira the most sexiest gurl,nd hw u will ve a child nd wat will b d name of the child.10/10 U really try.go on without ending.
2011-06-19 10:10:36 Angerbation Wow,you really complete ur mission.valerie,really needs to be fucked and you did.all she wants,is to fucked when you were enjoying her lovely soft breast.i hope you fuck her till she fall asleep of your hardcore nd dont forget try and make story to be series.GET READY FOR MY STORY COMING SOON