Comments from Switch MacGavin

Date Story title Comment
2011-06-24 06:16:09 Adult Room Chapter 1 I reitterate my comment on your first story! You are a very good writer! This has me spent and wanting more! I'm off to read part two! Very positive rating!
2011-06-24 06:32:33 Adult Room Chapter 3 Is there more? This one was a touch short...
2011-06-24 06:35:55 Adult Room Chapter 1 Darklord Don't listen to that ass, it's a great story, though you have this chapter posted twice. I'm waiting for a fourth chapter!
2011-06-24 06:57:50 Family Life 1 by Darklord Excellent! Positive rating!
2011-06-26 05:35:45 Loving Lisa’s Pretty Pink Pussy Petals Great story, Jack, as always. You outdid yourself on this one. I love the romance that goes along with the eroticness of you're stories, 10/10. Keep at it!