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2011-06-25 05:37:28 The Business Hahah, forgot to log in when I posted that comment.
Just clearing that up.

Anywhoo. I hope all readers will post a comment, either to critique or praise my work. Please, I love to here what everyone thinks of my descriptive skills and character creation. Tell me who you would like to see more of and what you think I could include to improve. I hope to gather a dedicated, adoring group of friends who will read chapter after chapter of The Business. Thanks!
2011-06-27 20:37:32 The Business - Chapter Two Well, second chapter is up as all of you can see.
Please rate and comment! Thanks.
2011-06-28 02:50:09 The Business - Chapter Two You got it!
I should have another up tomorrow or the day following.
Just want to actually get the story's chapter overview complete. :]
Expect 50+ chapters and more slaves. ^_^
Thanks for following this story! Gives me a reason to continue.
2011-06-28 17:29:11 The Business - Chapter Three Third chapter is up, I apologize for the lack of sex but this chapter was mostly for character development. :]
2011-07-01 02:29:56 Sister's Fate Most likely reason it was removed was that the sister was under the age of sixteen, which is no longer allowed on XNXX. I am a new member and found this out only yesterday, but yeah, age possibly has something to do with its' removal. Nice story, however. =)