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2011-07-11 16:09:04 Sleeping Pills I had a live in girl friend in New Jersey who was a very hard sleeper. She told me one day that if I ever woke up in the middle of the night and wanted some, I could fuck her while she was sleeping. Aside from our regular nightly marathons, I screwed her every night for nearly two years. It's an interesting feeling. 9/10
2011-07-17 22:48:39 A new lover Not too good. Try using a word processor with a spell and gramer check. It will make you stories a lot more readable. 2/10
2011-07-20 00:22:02 MY ASIAN TREAT PT2 It is true about incest between moms and sons in Japan. Unfortunately a lot of traditional famalies in Japan still treat women as second place. The boys get life handed to them on a platter and the girls live lives of servatude. Sometimes it makes me furious.
2011-07-20 16:56:35 MY ASIAN TREAT PT2 In response to the comment about Kayko using the response 'Hy', If you have ever been to the orient and visited with a traditional family, anytime a female gives a response, 'Hy' always preceeds it. It is not only an acknowledgement, but it is also a show of respect and subserviance.
2011-07-21 00:51:35 MY ASIAN TREAT PT2 I can't tell you about "most" Japanese women practicing with their "vulva muscles", I can only vouch for Kayko. However, the practice does go back several thousand years in the orient. I think American women would benefit from the practice if they would get past the stigma that has been engrained in them. Sex is a wonderful thing, and if you have the ability to increase the experience for yourself and your partner, why not do it? Wait till the next chapter. I spent a wonderful 6 days on this particular buisness trip and I am still telling everyone about the first day.