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2011-07-02 20:42:43 My first love - Part 1 Thank you, I would love to know what parts of my grammar need improving.

Part two will by tomorrow, and keep reading. It may be dull now, but it gets feisty real quick, trust me ;)
2011-07-03 10:39:55 My first love - part 3 Next one will be released later on today, remember to rate my story so others can read it too!
2011-07-03 15:11:53 My first love - part 2 Actually this is a true story ;) hence the tag.
2011-07-03 19:10:15 My first love - part 4 Yes, I presume there will be at least 10 more.
2011-07-04 04:56:49 My first love - Part 1 The problem was my auto-correct on my mac, if I make a typo it does it's best to fix it and mistakes the word for others.

I see a lot that what I wright 'as well' it changes it to 'swell'

This problem is only in the first story, the next three chapters are better, and the last two I would think are pretty perfect.