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2011-08-08 15:48:24 Taking her virginity Thanks. How did you lose it? Confusing or the how I told the story no good?
2011-08-08 15:56:45 Taking her virginity I would love to hear comments and feel free to PM me any questions.
2011-08-09 15:15:28 Taking her virginity Actually it's all true. I know it sounds crazy but so is this girl. She looked cute and innocent when i met her, but I guess it was the beginning of her downfall to depravity. Hope I wasn't the one who started it, but again her family was also crazy. I actually just found out she was stripper for awhile when she got older. PM for more on her story.
2011-11-22 11:35:27 Taking her virginity "that storie was stupid 0/1000000000000000000,
if your not married, why have sex at all?"

Wow! You must also believe that the Earth is less than 10,000 years old.
2011-12-27 12:24:40 Taking her virginity I wish it was always this easy. This girl was easy and the best part was that she was still a young virgin. She also was a freak who wanted to fuck. PM me for more to the story plus some things I found.