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2011-07-11 17:03:53 My sister and I: Part 1 I have no regrets about not fucking my sister and letting Ronnie have her. The mother, Julie, was my first fuck and I can still feel my cock sliding into her fire red haired hot, wet pussy for the first time.
2011-07-13 16:45:04 My first time with a dog i can still see the image of my wife being mounted the first time by our German Shepherd. I shot off as soon as he penetrated her pussy. They were knotted up for almost 20 mins.
Great, very visual writing, please do more.
2011-07-17 15:33:31 Sharing my wife Reader wants a description of my wife. wf, 68, 5'7", 140. 38C redhead. You can learn more about her in "Growing up." If anyone would like to see photos, we're on Lushstories as "kylanjim" more stories there also.
2011-08-01 22:17:17 My first finger Next time you post, please break up the story into more readable paragraphs. It is very hard to read solid text like this.