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2011-07-16 18:44:53 Bathroom Encounters With A Vampire It was in paragraphs until i submitted it, now i can't edit it :/
2011-07-18 16:11:43 oops managed to post it twice :/
2011-07-18 16:11:59 Hole In The Wall oops managed to post it twice :/
2011-08-04 14:52:53 Dreaming, I Was Only Dreaming Of My Webcam Girlfriend Yes I am, title gives it away dunnit xD

why last night on earth, its from before the lobotomy xD
2011-08-04 14:55:56 My Fiends Are Vampires....And They Want To Use Me and My Friend For Sex I want both of them. I just have a vampire obsession as well as a Green Day one.