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2011-07-15 04:35:11 I have waited so long for this and it was just.... Perfect. I really do love it and the last part wasnt messed up with any sex. It was just... Nice. I really like ti :) good job
2011-07-18 14:57:08 Abduction Usually I wouldnt like stories like this but it was written so well...
what I usually say when people ask me what kind of books I like I say "it doesn't matter what kind or who its by just as long as it's written well."
Well, I love your style of writing and it makes any story you write truly fantastic.
2011-07-27 02:31:37 Everything for my Sister Chp. 4 To the comment below, classy gentlemen wink! It was a fantastic story and I loved the whole thing. It was just amazing.
2011-07-27 06:21:57 Everything for my Sister Chp. 4 Ok so... This is my second comment.
I've been up all night re-reading the whole thing and now I'm crying again. Your such an amazing writer.