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2011-07-13 08:08:19 Turn Out The Lights Nice story, very well written.
2011-07-13 18:00:35 An Ebony Wife's first step to sluthood Good one - looking forward to more of your work :)
2011-07-17 17:22:02 "The Routine" - Chapter III Haha RedYeti - you made my day!
2011-07-21 09:00:36 Mistaken when drunk Great story. I really enjoyed it and it made my mind swell up with nice ideas :)
2011-07-24 17:37:22 "The Routine" - Chapter IV Well, one of your questions will be answered in part V, but the age of the daugher? Who knows? Maybe you should make up your own mind about that, as is suggested in the forum?