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2011-07-27 09:07:16 Muse (1) Damn - this is the way stories should be written! Great work
2011-07-27 09:09:36 "The Routine" - Chapter I Thank you Anonymous reader of 2011-07-27: I've always liked good, constructive critizism
2011-07-30 08:33:41 "The Routine" - Chapter IV Let me give you the receipt then: Contact a woman, do "The Routine", tell her to go to the park at 12 o clock and masturbate on the lawn, repeat 24 times...
2011-08-02 16:25:00 I found my sister stripping. No wonder this is one of the highest rated stories here! Absolutely fantastic! Great work.
2012-06-27 08:48:27 In the shower she was taken A very nice one, wildfantasies69. I really enjoyed it.