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2012-05-29 23:22:16 JESINTA 6 - 16a (Boxing Gym) Love the oral scene, its plastered inside my head, love this story developement :)
2012-06-12 21:41:38 New Years Eve 2009 Good first up story for someone that has a talent
2012-06-12 21:45:03 Free Spirited (03)..Fifteen (1997) Now we are getting somewhere, you have developed a nice series here
2013-12-12 20:48:33 EVOLUTION: 01 – Jay’s Story: Keisha RE: Anonymous reader
2013-12-11 00:08:36

Why don't you fuck-face soo gutsless you write rude comments and hide behind anonymity.

and too the others, thank you

PS you don't have to like my story but you don't have to be a jackass about it too
2013-12-22 01:18:28 EVOLUTION: 01 – Jay’s Story: Keisha As far as tags etc go, the story was posted in forums with Block and italics and color which doesn't transform to this site.