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2011-07-27 05:19:26 Crossroads of my life - Part 1 Thank you for the feedback. I will definitely try to improve that on future episodes, seems a stupid way to spoil the story otherwise.
2011-08-02 12:55:15 Black on Pink excellent first story.. well done beautiful
2011-08-19 09:06:44 Crossroads of my life - Part 4 Thank you all for the feedback. Both positive and negative criticism is always welcome. I do object, however, to comments becoming personal. Spelling is an issue due to the speed i type and lack of a work possessing application, I am currently having to write them on notepad that has no spell check or grammar correction, it is not for a need for further schooling ... It would be safe to say that unless you hold a PhD, I have more schooling than you do. It is something I am trying to work on but like most people who write on this site ( i would imagine) it is not something I broadcast to my friends and family so I am the only person available to proof read them, if you would like to volunteer for that position then I am happy to work with anybody who would like to help. A simple comment on the poor quality of the spelling is enough, there is no need to get personal.
2011-08-19 09:10:53 Crossroads of my life - Part 4 As for the rest of the comments, and as I have said in previous episodes, the reception I have had from this site has been overwhelming and I can only thank you all for the support and encouragement you have all offered me. I know my stories aren't perfect - thats why I welcome constructive criticism. Part 5 is in the works and I apologise for it taking so long to write, but after comments left I am trying to find another method of writing them to improve the spelling and grammar etc as wordpad clearly isnt up to the task.... I am also torn between two possible directions for the story to take and am trying to resolve this. Feel free to continue to leave comments or even suggestions if you have any and I will try my hardest to incorporate them into the next episode... and once again, a big thank you for reading. The Novalist.