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2012-05-06 11:14:38 The babysitter returns Very well written loved the story thank you for sharing.

Double enter when spacing paragraphs will keep them from jambing together when you post here.
2012-05-06 11:20:53 laura gets her wish Double entering between paragraphs will keep them seperated when you post the story. it is nearly impossable to read without the breaks bettween them
2012-05-06 21:00:45 Sister -- Brother -- Lover I read it twice and still do not know if I was reading a sex story or Med update
2012-05-09 10:01:24 Sex with my horney mom Your stories might be good, but they are not legible. If you do not go through your posts and separate the paragraphs you end up with a cluster-fuck of a mess. Proof read, and hit enter between the paragraphs as you do. it helps
2012-05-10 13:39:54 A Night with Lizzie's Barbies I just read the comments, It is unfortunate that they allow children to post. Has to be children or they would know what Fantasy means. This was a great read. Thank you for posting it.