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2012-05-13 20:43:56 The Satanic Witch Ritual aka (The Lilith Touch) I have absolutely no idea what I just read.
2012-05-13 21:25:12 Mine and Daddy's little secret I can not rate what I can not read. There is a lot of criticizing but none telling you how to fix it. You need to proofread. fix what you find wrong and double space between paragraphs. Take your time, and always PROOF READ your work.
2012-05-15 00:30:17 PARTY I dont know what is going on with the doubling of my posts. seems the last three stories I have posted have posted twice.
2012-06-07 00:46:59 Equestrian reversal. The rider is ridden Very hard to follow. I lost intrest very quickly
2012-07-26 10:34:08 Brother's love- Part 1 I am sorry but I have to give this one a negative rating. It starts off with bad grammar and dose not get any easier to read. Use a grammar editor if you have one. It will not catch all the trouble but will help. Proof read, always proof your work and when your going through it hit enter when ever you reach a paragraph. This will put a second paragraph key on the text and separate them in here. Above all Don't give up on your writing.