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2012-11-04 16:00:03 Sweet Little Sister You are doing fine. Proofreading can only catch so much as you know what you ment to write and will see that as you read. Spell check and grammer tic will also only catch so much. errors are going to occor. Yes I would like to see a second part.
2012-11-04 16:11:13 Helena's Nightmare It is a great story.
2013-09-02 00:35:22 Your getting more positive comments on this series, because it is better then your other one. ( I just wish they would fix the programing on here so that it didn't fuck up your formating makes it damn hard to read.) Take your time don't rush and try to get the next part out till your ready. I am working on stories I started forty years ago. and others just come out as quick as you can type. Your doing good.