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2012-04-30 11:44:16 it happened on vacation (and continued at home) revised and reposted pt 9 thru 14 Dude and another person. I didn't end it like that. Look up the spin off stories from this series and I will see it goes on for a while. Search my screen name and read 4 moms and 4 daughters series
2012-08-14 20:15:53 A Lifelong Affair. pt 1 My big fingers, bad eyesight and hurried pace has tripped me up again. I misspelled the title of my story so if you are confused it is supposed to be " A Life Long Affair".
2012-08-14 20:16:37 A Lifelong Affair. pt 1 I also see quotation marks don't reproduce here either ?
2012-08-18 06:38:06 A Lifelong Affair pt. 2 Patience !. She will be described
2012-08-18 15:19:36 A Lifelong Affair pt. 2 Well i was hoping to be judged by the content rather than my title mistake. First impressions are important but i hope my stories make up for them