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2014-08-21 15:22:02 Mom's Motivational Techniques I really liked it. Loved the build-up and it was believable. I think those two things make for a great tale. Thanks!
2011-07-31 12:59:52 MOM WAS A DESPERATE HOUSEWIFE A question for one of the readers-Why just the one encounter. Seems like that might be a hard thing to reframe from unless something was unpleasant
2011-08-01 08:35:35 Jeanie's Big Boy I don't knowe what the deal is with the #8213. The system seems to replace the "Dashes" with it. Question marks for the smaller dashes...Go figure. Maybe it's some kind of code or something. Scary!
2011-08-01 08:46:41 Jeanie's Big Boy It also seems to spell out my quotation marks. I better get a handle on this or I'm gunna start to feel like a writer with Tourettes.
2011-08-03 22:54:47 Caught III I didn't realise Jersey had it's own style. I grew up in Jersey. You're freakin me out a little. I'm going outside now to see if you're peeking in my window.