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2011-10-23 08:52:07 Amariel's Adventures: Chapter 2, Fey Happenings I agree with the other people, your grammar and vocab is fine but you just gotta leave a line between paragraphs to make it easier to read as I found it hard to read! However good job all around besides that one rookie mistake! Also it is hard to do stories from the other sex's perspective but you done damn good. Keep on truckin'! P.S. I found it funny that some people think your a girl despite your info saying your a guy! xD
2012-01-12 17:24:58 Furry Neighbors Thanks that means a lot! I do have a few more works in the making (I have written the first few paragraphs for Forbidden Furry Love 4!). However I am taking a few months off just to keep the quality good instead of me doing 1 every few weeks with them eventually becoming worse and worse. So I am simply trying to make it quality over quantity.
2012-01-25 04:24:18 Forbidden Furry Love Part 4 Oh wow really? Thanks that means a lot to me :D