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[b]Introduction:[/b] Hello and thanks for clicking. For the past couple years I have been frequenting the stories section of I was always a reader, even as a child. Stories were always capable of drawing me in much more then any television show ever possibly could and finding a place that could placate the horniness of my teenage years was always a welcome sight. At one point I found myself coming here more then going to any other location for porn, though I must say that period is over. All the while, I kept telling myself that one day I need to sit down and write something so that I can contribute too; however, I had always been too lazy or, after my sexual drive was satisfied, never really cared enough to. During this time, I was going on chat sites (nothing bad at this point) and frequently found myself RPing. You know *hugs* things like that. But it slowly progressed... *hugs* became *kisses*.. *kisses* became *a slip of the tongue*.. A kind of second experimental phase via the internet.. until I one day released the limits holding back my writing talents. Where Instant messages became closer.. more experimental. I found women who were similar to me and we went at it.. And I got good. Very good. I was always that kind of person in the bedroom. I was and am very aware during sex. Being able to pay attention to what my lady enjoys so putting it into words was no leap for me. Which brings us to where I am now. I decided that I would paste my sessions on here. In a kind of serialization with micro-series as its components. Each micro-series being about my sessions with a particular girl. Each girl tends to have their own styles. Of course it might be mean of me to do this. But the sessions are really good and its kinda sad to let them go to waste by being pushed up and out of the screen. I will note that I did change the names. I do have little pet names for them, like "Koko" in the following story but those names are so far from the girl's real name that there is no point in changing them. Since this is my first posting I do wish to ask my first few readers to tell me what they think. Not so much as critiquing the actual session but rather, the formatting. I tried to bring the story as verbatim as possible. I even kept the timestamp. If you think that this gets in the way then feel free to say so in a moderately kind manner. There is also talking between sessions. Finally, private message me if you would like to try it one time. You would be surprised as to how... intense it actually is. The motions that you wish you could do, or try, is kept safe within the anonymity of the internet. Unfortunately, I am straight, and I'm not [b]that[/b] experimental. Lol. Enjoy.


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