Comments from CharityHope

Date Story title Comment
2011-08-13 23:36:43 Routine Questioning Oh, very sexy. Made me cream, wishing I was forced to take such a machine...mmm, sounds so delicious!
2011-08-13 23:39:46 A whore’s fantasy Definitely something I think I would enjoy if it was done to me...
2011-08-20 21:49:05 The Breaking of Tracy part 1 Please write more! So sexy!
2011-08-20 22:34:15 Sexy Sisters and Mom - 2! Oh, yes, definitely need to see part 3!
2011-08-21 03:42:17 Don't Walk Home Through Alleyways... Very good story, though next time tell us about how the woman orgasms thru her rape. Tell us more about whats going on in her head, and what is going on with her body...