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2011-08-13 18:41:55 M Wife's Black Addiction I always have to wonder about people that criticize someones story and content after they have read the whole thing. Why did they read it after it stating it contains interracial and cuckold and everything they criticize. Methinks maybe they need to get a grip on their own sexuality and quit reading things they say they hate when down deep they really want to do it are just jealous of those that can....lmao
2011-08-16 11:23:49 Loving you! Are U the special one?> Do you want to be....grin I have a lot of "Special" friends but how do I know if you're "The" special friend, you're My name is Jack if that helps and my wife luvs blk cock.
2011-08-16 11:39:52 Dog Sitting Boner Don't know why this became a wall of text. The systen seems to have stripped the indents from it?? When I figure out how to edit it I will. Jack (wife4hungblk's hubby.)
2012-09-03 10:23:05 A Night of Discovery Ok ok I admit it was bad. I was watching tv bored and just began writing. Everything you said is true. Rereading it it should have been a few different postings and much slower. Nigger was said wayyyy to much I agree....and this from someone that has 200 black friends in his contact list. Sorry, hope I didn't offend anyone! I usually only use the "N" word in moments of extreme slutty passion and in context with the story. I normally proof read new things a few times before posting but I was tired and just threw it out there.
2012-09-03 10:35:07 M Wife's Black Addiction Actually this is a mostly true account of my wife's first black cock. The husband is not more cuckoldish because I am not. I wrote it and then the owner of Black Cavern read it and wanted to post it on his site so I went back and made it slightly more cuckoldish and added some embellishments. The part about our fantasizing leading up to and the actual blacking of my wife is true. And she is a black cock slut to this day, not exclusive but if she has a choice it will be a hot throbbing black dick stretching her everytime, hence the name wife4hungblk!!