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2008-12-06 05:56:13 Perfect Wife to Black Dick Slut - Part 1 Part 3 has been posted
2009-08-17 06:51:17 From Perfect Wife to Black Cock Slut - Part 2 Reader 2009-08-05 19:02:57

I see that you wasted enough time to read -at least a fair proportion of- this story and then had enough time left over to write a comment, a comment that confuses real people with your own brand of morality and intellect. Dont generalise the human race because it only works for a few percent of the population, everyone else is real.

Sammy and Pauls life did not compare with your narrow idea of married bliss, firstly they were not (as you assume) married but cohabiting and they had a sexual freedom that Chris and I now strive to emulate. You dont like it, sorry but thats life.

It may be uncomfortable but people dont burst that quickly, not normal people anyway, how would we sleep?

Your comment smacks of being ill informed and vindictive rather than constructive.
2010-06-07 04:35:02 Perfect Wife Many readers like this story and have commented thus and/or have shown their approval by 9 out of 10 readers scoring a positive rating to date. A great big thanks to those readers.

If mr words of wisdom writes his own story about how meditation can make him perform better and how often he orgasms with his improved model seven inch dick and how he can make his girl pass out Im sure many readers would comment objectively. A few though would attempt to promote their own brand of mysticism as the solution for all ills.

Meditation was not relevant to us, we are not interested in how he or it would change our lives, its ours, we like (most of) what has happened and we wouldnt have it any other way.

Chris & Paul.

P.S. It was a service station bathroom. The idea worked for us. Grammar is a wonderful invention, better than meditation for making a comment easily readable.
2010-08-07 10:36:05 Perfect Wife - Diary of a bad time As far as I can see four points have been raised, three have been answered previously, "find it yourself", "around 10%" and "Chris didnt want to involve the police". Now the fourth which does not even need to be considered, its true, if you don't believe it or you think the other points have not been adequately addressed that's up to you.

Effectively one or two people didn't like the answer to one of those points and launched a concerted effort to put the story down. Like a previous reader said "probably American" "teenagers". Until this typical all American "see it our way or die" attitude this story rated an average of 87% over the three months it has been published, now because someone won't believe the 10% estimate (later pointed out to be 1 in 12) the story has been forced down 15 points in a few days.

Given the opportunity we will answer all serious questions, it us up to the individual whether they accept those answers or not.
2010-08-11 04:35:46 Perfect Wife - Diary of a bad time I've commented a grand total of 6 times including this comment, this along with two others were in response to comments posed, the other 3 were in response to malevolence and idiocy. Hindsight is a wonderful thing and perhaps I should not have reacted to such childishness on what is an adult site but the facts needed to be stated. Upset, no, incensed slightly, but really Im not too bothered, people believe what they want to believe and Im not protesting too much just because my comments dont offer a free pass to a porn site.