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2014-04-30 04:16:16 My Brother Sorry Anon under me, my name is not Kelly, nor have I ever been to that website.
2014-07-20 07:35:05 My Brother I love getting comments like the one from the anon under me. I'll definitely keep you in mind for the next part!
2011-08-16 14:09:43 Sharing Jack's Bed: Part 1 Hey, this is really gr8. One of the best stories i've read.
2011-08-16 14:10:59 Sharing Jack's Bed: Part 2 I love this story. Keep up the writing ok?
:) ;)
2011-08-16 14:20:03 Sharing Jack's Bed: Part 3 This was the best I've read so far keep it up!!! ;)