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2011-08-19 08:23:34 Forbidden Furry Love Part 2 Hi there guys, I figured seeming I couldn't post updates on my next story on my writing account, I would just make an update account. Now part 3 is still underway although it may come out sooner than this one did, but at the moment it is about half way through, if you have an account and want to know more about the series or my writing style etc etc, please message me on scarecrow20 and I will be happy to help you out where I can.

The Crow
2011-10-26 03:14:25 Furry Neighbors A Shangoy is this guys name for a furry (his stories are Yiff orientated stories so Shangoy are completely fictional), if you were to read his first story you would get that as he expects people that read his stories to kinda start with the first one and move on from story to story, his first one that explains it is called Forbidden Furry Love retyped (it is retyped as he kinda fucked up the first post of it). I hope this help anyone who was confused about any of this. However I do hope that to stop this confusion from happening again he mentions that Shangoy are his name for furries.