Date Story title Comment
2013-05-04 15:32:13 A Father-Daughter Affair The victim in the story was never deflowered by her dad. The first abuse started when she was 3 years and 5 months old. The half day school was Kindergarten, Full day school was the start of first grade. The author left the ages out of the original story because this site allegedly doesn't take pedo stories.
2013-05-12 19:03:58 Sandy Visits Her Husband in Prison Yes, In the story Ed Takes Cindy Home Sandy is away visiting her husband in prison. In comments after that story someone wrote a piece claiming to be the father threatening Ed because of the abuse. I wrote this piece to counter that comment.
2013-08-05 22:16:38 A Father-Daughter Affair I spent 9 years and 3 months in prison for what I did. A little correction for those who think it was beyond the statute of limitations. iowa law allows prosecution up until the victim turns 28! And those who believe the Old Testament Law is not relevent today Paul wrote in Romans that the purpose of the Law was to define sin. So if you accept the whole Bible all sex except with a wife is sin.
2013-08-13 20:27:02 Reconciliation 10 These stories are therapeutic to me and demonstrate how we can be corrupted by the flesh.
2013-08-29 21:47:10 Her Daddy's her Pimp Yes, it is legal. Freedom of speech is guaranteed by the First Amendment of the United States Constitution. Even though the acts mentioned are illegal in some states the telling of fantasy stories is still legal.