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Date Story title Comment
2011-08-25 03:52:12 Hogwarts School for Boys (Revised) This story was hot please keep it going!
2012-02-06 03:18:29 Hogwarts School for Boys Part Two: Severus Snape’s Recollections I loved this story it's so original yet sticks to the Harry Potter theme. Nice writing Wrucs. Keep them(and me) coming.
2012-02-06 03:20:53 Hermione: The Wicked Slut Witch Part 2 Don't listen to the assholes the gay stuff is hot. Please write more.
2012-02-06 03:26:43 Hermione: The Wicked Slut Witch I liked that you went beyond the books and put your own spin on the story. It all just fiction in the end. It made me wet and that's what counts to me.