Comments from Lord of Mayhem

Date Story title Comment
2013-04-05 21:32:44 Beautiful Stranger III (part 2) Success! I've recovered my files, and the killing will resume soon! The brutality is going to increase exponentially!
2013-04-17 23:10:36 Loving the brothas (part 2) I appreciate your attempt at constructive criticism, and the narrative may seem somewhat scattered, but the plot is comprised of several different story lines, which will converge as the story progresses. Hopefully as the story unfolds, most of what's presented here will make more sense when read in its context.
2013-04-28 12:57:16 In the World of Women (part 3) Thanks for the kind words. I hadn't thought about this in terms of a book, but who knows? Maybe some day. Part 4 should be coming out soon. I appreciate your readership!
2013-06-02 08:49:46 In the World of Women (part 3) Thanks for your readership, Viseage. Hoping to get part 4 out soon!
2014-03-26 01:36:59 In the World of Women (part 7) Hoping to have part 8 published some time next month.