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2011-10-05 08:41:33 Daddy's Little Girl I didnt write it as Gemma. These are stories Yeah. At least TRY and enjoy them. Miserable shit
2011-10-07 12:30:24 The Truth Revealed (The Convent III) Very sorry guys i did stuff the last one up a little. = )

Also to all these skipping from story to story picking holes in them i have a new story coming for you soon called "the anonymous reader (the gutless wanker)" ; }
2011-10-16 04:30:11 I am glad you have had the success you have had. Your stories are very enjoyable to read.Ignore the dickheads who make personal or plain abusive comments and enjoy those who have made fair and reasonable assessment (because so many ot them think ur awesome). Oh and don't forget to support those who support you = )
2011-11-03 05:04:26 Thr Protege (((= Awesome. I hope u ate her gorgeous pussy =)))
2011-11-05 08:38:04 Anonymous Reader 3 lol does that mean u liked it? If and when the rating goes back over 90 i'll write a part 4 just to annoy the trolls ; }