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2011-08-30 23:03:51 Anal At Last Good stuff mate, I like how you showed the difficult emotion's by our main man. A little more exploration of those would have been awesome. I found the talking hard to handle at first but it got smoother and added real character to the whole show. Good work keep it up!!!
2011-09-15 03:56:39 The Rose Tattoo-My Anal penetration Awesome stuff, it has a very soft, almost sensual ending that I'd expect many girls would relate too. Being a man I can only speculate... A little more of her past thoughts of sex and romance and how they "were profoundly changed" would have hightened the experience. Don't forget most guys wouldn't have an idea about that and may have got something from it (I know I would have).
2011-10-21 03:06:27 Peter's Farm Good stuff girl it had me hard and interested straight away. You could do with some more character development to flesh it out a little more. Some more thoughts and feelings from pam would make this more appealing, for those readers who love the detail. It's a great plot with some interesting devices, dirty sex, and strange and exciting things in waiting. Can't wait to read more!!! Keep up the good work.