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2008-11-26 11:15:40 My boy Olly! Two categories you listed were "incest" and "rape". Neither of those is in the story, which is good.
Fairly good story
2009-07-18 17:47:00 BUDDY TURNED FUCK BUDDY ? Get real.
A 12 yr-old (you) doesn't want to hang out with a new dork in the neighborhood (who is a wimp) who just happens to be 15.
And yet again, another 12 yr-old with an 8 inch dick and the stamina of a porn star.
How many stories with those stats have we seen on here?
True Stories??? LOL or HAH
2009-11-05 10:11:10 Julia's first fuck So she had "chestnut brown hair" and "her wet cunt was covered in a light patch of blonde curls"? A natural blond goes brunette? Why?

"cum dripped out of her deflowered pussy. " That would not be the only thing dripping if she is a virgin. She would be tasting her own blood.

It is difficult to believe this is written by a woman. Just one clit lick and a complete blow job with 3 different positions doesn't sound like it would be equatable. It sounds like a porn movie just like his controlling hands and "brushing her hair out of her face".

I'd call it FAIR, but not at all realistic.
2009-11-12 16:01:12 FIRST TIME NAKED I would drop the last 2 paragraphs. Continue with the story so she takes care of him for the 3rd time, maybe a doggy-style position where she reaches back and guides him in. Ah, youth.
2009-12-02 18:37:26 Truth or Dare I thought I would see some better critiques.
You start out describing yourselves as 11 and 13, physically.
Then later, at the main course, you state you're 14 and 16.
Then what? No description of development over those 3 years.
In the encounter itself, you NEVER stated that she disrobed by herself or by you. Should we imagine her clothed or nude?
But she did remove your pants and shorts.
I agree with the posts about protection.
I could see kissing cousins but siblings doesn't make sense.