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2011-09-03 06:21:36 Suprised but elated about the responses so far, already working on part 2 and hope to have it on in a day or 2. I'll keep all ideas in mind and try to incorporate as many of them that I can, although it seems people are of a split decission about the adults joining. And sorry for the miss spells, I don't have spell checker and sometimes type too fast, i'll try and clean the next one up more.
2011-09-05 15:18:07 Thanks to all comments, good and bad. I kinda knew alot of people wouldn't like the way my character developed but I am working on a way that he may be slowed down, stopped, or even controlled himself. There are so many possibilities that I'm not sure what will happen, but to the one who said that my story was turning into an average boring one, don't worry. I won't let that happen, besides my characters developing themselves, I still have a few twists to throw in to keep it interesting.
2011-09-06 01:12:51 Daddy Takes Care of Her Little Problem (1-5) I remember reading this story before, I can't remember if it was on here of another site. Also I remember it having more chapters ....
2011-09-06 01:55:45 Your Friend Caught Me I wouldn't mind finding out what happens, though please try to proof read as your missing some words
2011-09-06 15:24:18 last poster, thank you. I wanted to write more than just a jerk off story, obviously there will be sex but this series is written to keep you interested and wanting to find out what happens. I am truly grateful you recognize this and promise to keep doing my best to hold to the standards that have ranked these stories the top rated in the last 30 days.