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2011-09-07 12:28:34 John and Alex Part 1 Ok I've read all of your stories so far, and I must say that I am a fan, a HUGE fan! I wasn't keen on the idea of Sarah, and I'm so glad that you got rid of her, and in Part 5 (the story before this one) I fell in love lol ^_^ Yes I will admit that the last two stories have seemed rushed, but they are still exceedingly better than most series that I've read, or attempted to.

Yes give detail, and more of a plot to the story than just mindless sex, but mindless sex isn't bad at all, these are after all sex stories, so keep giving detail in the sex as well, even if it's just a quickie or even a quick tease :)

If you want ideas, you can message me if you like, I maybe young, but I have tonnes of experience, wow I'm making myself sound like whore but trust me, I've got a special someone keeping me under control lol

2011-09-08 15:22:18 John and Alex -- Part 2 o.O this story was totally... erm what's that word... oh yeah... AWESOME!!! XD
2011-09-12 05:09:37 John and Alex -- Part 5 Anonyboi, why are you apologising for your awesomeness? :D
This is really really good, and I'm loving that you've gone with my idea of the sex toys ^_^ they can be really helpful in times to come lol :) and for two stories in a day is great, so this size of a story is totally fine! I must say that I'm not keen on the drugs, but hey that's just me. And as always... KEEP THE STORIES COMING!!! ;)
2011-09-23 17:19:18 Unexpected Love -- Part 2 That was me who commented then by the way ^_^ I don't know why it double posted though
2011-12-06 14:31:43 Tales of Ted Chapter 2 (Gay Interest )~ These two stories are one hell of an opening to an amazing series to be :) You wrote out the accents perfectly because I read all the speech in the Scottish accent. I so cannot wait until the next story :D Keep them coming! xxx