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2008-05-27 18:41:59 Well... I guess it's pretty extreme though to say that no 6 yr old could manage sex with an adult man probably negates the statistical freakishness of humanity. Some girls are bigger than others and some men have incredibly small dicks ! That said , starting young is generally a recipe for success... be it golf , composing music or ultimately , I suppose , sex !!!
2008-05-28 19:13:22 Reader 05-28 ... I would hardly recommend early active sex for all , or even super-abundant sex for all adults ... the world economy would tople into chaos while all and sundry fornicated like rabbits 24/7 . Perhaps 1% of girls will develope biologically quicker than everyone else and actively seek out sexual fulfillment , pleasure and success (unlike the 2 girls portrayed in the above short story who were raped , ruptured and otherwise , coerced) . Perhaps nature is also playing it's part in bringing on puberty ever earlier . Laws , morallity and ethics may , or may-not , be out of touch with modern reality . I would like to see more stories of young girls who are pro-active in their persuit of sex , rather than unwilling victims in life's game of chess !
2008-06-15 16:40:53 Nothing beats a few stretch exercises to get your day going .
2008-06-15 16:52:16 Who says quality is better than quantity !
2008-06-15 17:05:19 Ashlee's young life Welcome to the beastiality section... good ones are few and far between !