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2011-09-20 23:36:07 Raped by my boyfriend I did break up with him and notified the police I had a restraining order in place for many years. Thanks for the ideas on how to improve my story writing... I wrote this on my phone that's why there were no paragraphs I will work on that next time though thank you!!! And for the person whom decided to make a point that this is the true story section DUH!!!! It's a TRUE STORY that's why I put it in the TRUE STORY section!!! Thanks
2011-12-15 01:45:03 My first time Well aren't we just a grouchy prick!!! Actually I am well educated and considering I am 24 now and have not had any complaints about my brain or cunt then I suggestion you go take you aggression out on your so called grad student, which I am assuming is a figment of your pathetic imagination!!! For the spelling errors or/and incorrect English usage I was writing this on my I phone and auto correct is a bigger bitch than you are!!! Thanks for waisting your time and mine by commenting!!!
2011-12-15 01:47:09 My first time Oh I am sorry I just realized you said grand daughter lmao wow that's more pathetic than when I thought you said grad student!!!
2011-12-15 01:53:05 My first time Oh and before the paragraph police attack me :) I put it in paragraphs when I saved it for some reason it didn't save the paragraphs.