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2011-09-20 20:51:50 Hot Wife 2 very horny girl,,,i read these cuckold stories 'cause they are hot,,but do not understand for the life of me why AL or any husband would want to be CUCKOLD,,,share and share alike i say! we had an open marriage and it worked!! for awhile, until she took serious what was poked at her in fun!! silly girl! they lasted 2 months!
2011-09-21 18:11:09 My First time with Dad hi, enjoyed your tale,,seems a little rushed your are young, you will improve quickly, i am sure!
2011-09-22 17:39:53 Subjects 0 - CH 2 nice!! well written!! very erotic!! like it a lot,,,will have to keep my eye on you to see where your mind goes!!
2011-09-22 18:09:09 Subjects 0 - CH 1 really enjoy this little incest story with the tubeys!! status reports must mean someone is a guinea pig or pigs in this tale,,,wonder who!! ((lol))
2011-09-25 17:56:40 hhmm, very sensual,sexy read,,loved it all,,thank you!