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2011-09-22 09:31:10 Lovin it!!! You got my vote x
2011-09-22 12:09:40 This doesn't belong in the story section. This is for a discussion board, especially when you are self promoting! Booo
2011-10-05 08:24:23 Daddy's Little Girl Sorry but from the first few paragraphs this story just smacks of unbelievable. a 14 yr old with D cup boobs??? The language she uses? It just ruins a story. Credibility keeps the reader focused
2011-10-05 08:25:22 Coping with Retirement part 3 - Janie's Tale great series, well written, love it
2011-10-05 08:49:18 I agree, very open plot, leaves the reader guessing, and more importantly the story is believable!!!!!!!