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2008-08-19 15:51:12 Daughter's Accident Very good story.
2008-12-05 02:27:10 Alone with Stepsisters - part 2 Waiting where is part 3?
2012-09-28 17:36:19 Twin Japanese nieces Pt4 Very nice store so far it's getting HOT!
2012-10-19 14:47:24 Twin Japanese Nieces Pt9 This chapter is the best in the story so far . Never mind the critics; the stories are great!
2012-12-17 05:24:34 Twin Japanese Nieces Pt17 I know what the pain of losing your family is like. I lost my family three years ago to a a man speeding in a construction zone. My prayers go out to you and for your loved ones, in your time of loss.