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2011-09-23 02:30:58 Ranchland - Chapter 2 I am thoroughly enjoying it. Thanks for a great tale!
2011-09-24 18:26:02 Ranchland - Chapter 4 I'm new to this site and don't wish to make an enemy here, but I have to point out a glaring inaccuracy. In this Chapter you state that the Uncle was thirty years old. However, in Chapter One you noted that he had last seen his younger sister when he was nineteen years old, indicating also that twenty years had passed since he last saw her. I think that would make him nearly forty rather than thirty.
2011-09-25 01:49:51 Ranchland - Chapter 7 I know you are just trying to confuse us. Chapter 1 says his sister was three years younger than him. Chapter 7 says she left home when he was ten or eleven. Wouldn't she have only been 7 or 8 years old? Isn't that a bit young to be leaving home, even in B.C.????
2011-09-25 02:21:58 Ranchland - Chapter 8 Good tale. I enjoyed reading it.
2011-09-26 00:43:23 The Storm Great story, P1! I really enjoyed it. Thank you for having written it.