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2011-09-27 02:06:01 Bitch Wife AWESOME story i agree were is that b&b thanks for posting hope theres more to cum
2011-09-30 22:36:31 Raped by a gang and their dog well well i to think she should have left the hubby but still that did not give the other guys the right to rape her i think she should have called the police and sent them away for the rest of there sorry lifes hey i like sex as much as any one else but rape hell there to much free stuff out there to rape some one if you look hard enuff but some guys just cant seem to get it up unless they show how bad they are by hitting and beating on a woman
2011-10-04 21:26:59 Male Bitch yes great story can hardly wait for part 2
2011-10-11 10:02:20 Young White Daughter Deflowered by a Black Man well again we have the same thing drugs and you just as well call it rape but thats what happens when you got a drugy to start with then they will do any thing for another fix even letting some one fuck there young kids
2012-01-14 08:55:35 MY WIFE, HER BEST FRIEND, AND THEIR CANINE LOVERS! well i thought the story was ok up till the part of the blackmailing her to do what he wanted sorry but i dont beleave in that and never will and it takes a mitty sorry son-of-a-bitch and low life to have to stoop so low as to blackmail some one into having any kind of sex with them be it with a person are a animal but like i said other than that it was a good story