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2012-08-21 10:01:52 What happens in the forest... > U're quite a fool...seems like u were born in jail, pervert..Idiotic
> bloody rapist...

Look, you sound just as angry as the chick in the story. I'm pretty sure she had better writing and reading skills however.
2012-08-26 17:14:44 Party Games I love how the stories goes from innocent fun over reluctant but willing participation to slightly non-consentual action. Some of the scenes could have been a bit more detailed, esp. at the end, but still on of my favourite stories.
2012-09-02 03:51:25 What happens in the forest... > You should've just apologized to her
> then let her dress up then ask her to fuck you

Are we confusing reality with fantasy a bit?

Besides that would have made a terrible story:
'You moron take the dog away'
'Right, I am so sorry. Oh btw, wanna fuck?'
'Well I am pissed at you for startling me and never met you before. But sure why not'
*hump* *hump*
2012-09-22 12:10:37 Nice solid monster rape story. Like it :) Well except for the missing paragraphs. Hope you will continue your darker writings.