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2014-07-04 20:41:33 Curiosity and the head 1.) Thanks, as I have stated many times before that I welcome both positive and negative comments... 2.) It's true most if not all negative comments are by anonymous reader...
2014-08-13 07:42:22 Curiosity and the head Sorry I took so long to reply, I have read all of her posts but never actually spoke to her, I got the idea for the story after reading her posts so I used her name in my story. If you want to read all of her posts then using Yahoo or Google type sex education.
2011-09-29 23:43:38 Games Rich People Play I have sent several messages and an e mail asking to have my first 2 stories deleted but there both still there, is there another way to have my first 2 stories deleted?.
2011-10-02 05:31:58 Games Rich People Play 5 Thank you for all the comments but what is b&d?.
I'll try to make my next stories longer.
My next stories will involve more family members.
I would also very much like to know what you all thought about part 3 and 4 so please leave comments on those stories as well, thank you..
2011-10-04 10:48:02 Games Rich People Play 6 Thanks for all the comments.
I will { for the love of god } make more stories. LOL..
Part 6 is leading up an extreme part 7 that's all about revenge.
I'm sorry but I don't do underage stories, that's pedo territory and to be honest I hate pedophiles.